ActivateTM Yeast produces ethanol very efficiently in acidic/low pH conditions, under which no toxic microbes can survive, propagate, and/or contaminate the ethanol production process.

  • Advanced Industrial Yeast Engineering and Enzyme Co-Products
    Capable of co-fermenting nearly all xylosic (C5) and glucosic (C6) sugars, while expressing up to 80% of expensive glucoamylase enzyme required for conversion of starch to glucose
  • Most Robust Yeast for Ethanol Production
    Patented gene integration technology provides a more stable microorganism that does not require antibiotics and can sustain ethanol concentrations up to 20% (vol/vol)
  • Maximize Efficiency of Total Sugar Conversion to Ethanol
    Cellulosic/Corn in 48-60 hours and Sugarcane in less than 24 hours




  • Increased ethanol yields and faster fermentation times
  • Reduced capital investments required to expand ethanol production capacity
  • Decreased enzymes costs and operational complexity
  • Lower customer business risks via the capability to utilize multiple feedstocks
  • Expand U.S. corn ethanol plants to co-produce cellulosic ethanol with corn ethanol