About Us


  • Accelerate the profitable production of ethanol from renewable resources
  • Develop innovative and natural technologies, which are capable of utilizing
    cellulosic feedstocks, as a hedge against drought and rising food prices
  • Reduce U.S. dependency on foreign oil
  • Enable a healthier environment for future generations



To demonstrate the value of our advanced yeast for efficient ethanol production and to increase plant operating margins

  • Increased ethanol output utilizing¬†faster fermentation times
  • Reduced capital investments required to expand ethanol production capacity
  • Decreased enzymes costs and operational complexity
  • Lower customer business risks via the capability to utilize multiple feedstocks
  • Expand U.S. corn ethanol plant production capacity by co-producing cellulosic ethanol




Harvest Yeast Technologies and M/K Systems, Inc. created a strategic partnership focused on quality control of corn/cellulosic ethanol research and production. M/K Systems develops and manufactures analytical process instrumentation for the pulp/paper and other related industries.